Afterschool Program


Yang Fan provides students in kindergarten with a safe and fun learning experience led by passionate and caring teachers with a strong background in early childhood education and child development.

Specially designed to meet K students' academic and social learning needs, Yang Fan offers programs to help students learn phonics, reading, math, and social skills. Students have varied opportunities to explore and practice these topics. There are activities that teachers can use to help students grow their self-esteem, learn about their cultural identity, become more independent, and develop their strengths. These activities can be done in small groups or individually. Yang Fan's goal is to help K students prepare for the important transition from preschool to the primary grades.

Yang Fan's K program starts at noon and finishes at 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday. The program has structured academic and language learning sessions as well as planned activities. There is a break in the afternoon with snacks.

Our program accommodates both morning and afternoon Kindergarteners. The school calendar for Pleasanton, Dublin, and San Ramon is complementary to Yang Fan.

This is a great program for kindergartners that helps with their social skills, academic progress, and physical health.

Yang Fan Academy welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds!