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Program Pre-Kindergarten

The PRE-KINDERGARTEN program uses a thematic, sensory rich curriculum that includes early literacy skills, phonemic and phonological awareness, math, science, art, music, social studies, writing, and social skills. Skills are emphasized to prepare our Pre-K students for the next step - their Kindergarten experience!

Chinese Language: Children learn Mandarin Chinese in much the same way as they learn their first, native tongue -- by hearing it, speaking it, using it. For a tonal language such as Mandarin Chinese, this is imperative for mastering early, instinctively, the lilt of the language. At Yang Fan Preschool children learn Mandarin as they sing, play games, learn nursery rhymes, hear stories, recognize and write simple Chinese characters, and more while having fun!

Goals and Objectives Pre-Kindergarten

Language/Reading/Math Readiness

  • Phonics and blending sounds together; reading one syllable words and building
  • Become aware of the days of the week, months and seasons of the year
  • Identifying, counting and grouping of numbers 1-10 then 1-20 (and beyond)
  • Simple addition and subtraction facts
  • Ordering and sequencing skills building

  • Science/Nature/Social Studies/Art/Music

    Hands-on science activities relating to textures, magnets, temperature and seasons

  • Participate in multi sensory art experiences (oils, pastels, paint, etc.)
  • Participate in musical activities including song, dance, instrumental, movement, games and self expression

  • Social Development

  • Cooperative play
  • Show respect, kindness, and patience toward others
  • Manners and respecting peers and teachers
  • Help to develop and adhere to classroom rules

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