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Transitional Kindergarten


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Transitional Kindergarten program

Unlocking Afterschool Opportunities for Student Development and Family Support

Yang Fan Transitional Kindergarten Program offers a comprehensive afterschool program specially designed to address the unique challenges faced by 4-year-olds in California’s expanded public kindergarten system. We separate TK and K students into distinct programs to cater to their specific developmental needs. With the guidance of our experienced educators, we focus on nurturing essential social skills and emotional resilience in young children, ensuring a seamless transition to a structured learning environment. Our afterschool programs provide a supportive foundation for the growth and development of children during this critical stage of their educational journey.


Under the diligent and expert supervision of the director of the Yang Fan afterschool preschool program, we are committed to providing age-appropriate activities within a nurturing and secure environment, aimed at fostering the growth of confidence and essential skills in young children. Our personalized approach is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each children, and it adheres to the highest featured afterschool care standards. This commitment ensures that every TK student not only experiences a joyful transition but also receives the essential support required for their holistic growth. Our program is dedicated to nurturing young minds and providing unwavering support as they embark on their educational journey.

Kindergarten Afterschool Program

Our kindergarten afterschool program provides a comprehensive educational experience that encompasses key subjects such as phonics and math, enhancing reading and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, we prioritize vital life skills through social-emotional development, nurturing emotional understanding and fostering positive relationships.

Our afterschool activities also include language classes, arts, public speaking, and STEAM subjects to encourage creative activities, confidence, critical thinking, and hands-on access to learning. This well-rounded approach in afterschool activities encompasses the best learning system for young children in schools, nurturing both their minds and hearts for a bright educational journey ahead.

Lower Elementary

In the past years, finding the right balance between academic rigor and a holistic education approach is key. Yang Fan Afterschool Programs bridges the gap between formal systems and afterschool systems for 1st and 2nd graders. We nurture a love of learning while building foundational skills. Our approach integrates academics, social growth, and emotional support, identifying and addressing any challenges on.

Our high-quality afterschool programs prepare school-age children for structured learning, emphasizing active exploration, experiential activities, and interactive tasks. We foster critical thinking, encourage deep engagement with subjects, and teach the children how to learn effectively. These top-quality skills extend beyond the classroom, equipping them for lifelong learning.

Upper Elementary

Third grade marks the beginning of the second half of a child’s elementary school journey, as well as the onset of their transition to middle school. During these critical last three years of elementary school, they transition from simply acquiring basic reading and math skills to applying this information in more complex and meaningful ways in their daily lives.


Our afterschool staff will assist and ensure that the third to fifth graders complete their daily homework. Furthermore, our advanced academic enrichment programs in core subjects like language arts and math are tailored to adhere to rigorous common core standards and build upon the foundational knowledge acquired in earlier years. This approach fosters the development of higher-order thinking skills, crucial for academic advancement. Our focus on afterschool academic skills and independent thinking provides opportunities to explore new ideas and develop a personalized understanding of the world.


Our commitment is to prepare children not just for academic success but also to be socially confident and capable learners. By choosing Yang Fan, families can feel reassured that their kids are receiving comprehensive support that addresses both academic needs and personal growth.