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Yang Fan Transitional Kindergarten

Yang Fan Academy offers you Transitional kindergarten Program or TK. It is an educational program created to provide an additional year of schooling for children who turned five years old between a state’s kindergarten eligibility cutoff date and the regular kindergarten enrollment date. Transitional kindergarten bridges preschool and traditional kindergarten, with a tailored curriculum preparing children for future academic success. TK programs often emphasize social-emotional development, early literacy, numeracy skills, and foundational concepts necessary for academic success.

Six Essential Developmental Areas

Overview of Programs and Curriculum

Cognitive Development

This refers to the growth of children’s thinking abilities. This includes how they learn, remember, solve problems, and understand the world around them.

Language and Literacy

Focuses on communication, encompassing verbal and non-verbal skills, sound recognition, word comprehension, and letter-sound association, building the basis for reading and writing as children progress academically.


Physical, Motor, and Wellness

Encourages overall well-being through activities supporting physical health, motor skills, self-care, nutrition, and sensory exploration, including exercise, games, and healthy habit education.


This program supports children in developing social skills, communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and emotional regulation.

Executive Function

This program helps children learn how to manage tasks, pay attention, and regulate their behavior, setting the foundation for success in school and beyond.

Creative Expression

This transitional kindergarten program nurtures creativity through art, music, movement, and drama, fostering self-expression, imagination, and communication skills.

Early Childhood: Prime Time for Learning!

At this moment, your child’s brain is in a phase of rapid development, creating countless connections at an astonishing pace. This emphasizes the importance of every learning opportunity Our classrooms are tailored to suit your child’s specific needs, and our curriculum is built by the latest research in early childhood development, ensuring optimal growth for young minds.

A Program Designed for Kids Who Missed Kindergarten Enrollment Deadline

If your child finished prekindergarten but missed the kindergarten enrollment deadline, this program is perfect for you. 

Discover the Excellence of Yang Fan's Transitional Kindergarten Program

While each educational institution may offer a distinct environment and appearance, Yang Fan Academy’s TK Program stands out for its innovative and engaging approaches that are tailored to foster developmental growth, making our program truly special in its own right.


Ensuring the safety and security of every child entrusted to our care is of utmost importance to us. We maintain strict access control measures, allowing only authorized individuals entry. Our dedicated staff members are extensively trained in emergency procedures, equipped to handle any unforeseen situations effectively and ensure your child's well-being is prioritized at all times.

Outdoor Space

We prioritize outdoor playtime in our dedicated playground or indoor area for your child's physical and developmental well-being. These activities promote physical development, motor skills, social interaction, and exploration.


We've carefully designed our classrooms to feel like a comforting extension of home for your child. With designated nap areas and captivating activity centers, each element is customized to meet the unique needs of children at every age and developmental phase.


Our menu is designed to satisfy little tummies with nutritious and tasty snacks! Meals are often served family-style, fostering independence as children learn to serve themselves, pour drinks, practice good manners, and tidy up together as a team.


At Yang Fan Academy, our school directors, teachers, and support staff form the core of our institution. They are dedicated to educating, guiding, and nurturing your child, making learning enjoyable, and fostering lifelong confidence.


In our programs, our focus is solely on nurturing your child's early learning journey. Our dedicated educators have undergone trainings and forums to strengthen our Early Education curriculum, ensuring that each classroom provides a nurturing environment tailored to your child's age and developmental stage.


In Yang Fan Academy, we promote and encourage an open communication between our Educators and Parents for an exchange of valuable insights, updates on a child's progress, and addressing any concerns or questions promptly. We make sure that the Parent's will be involved in their child's education journey.


Take A Virtual Tour At Yang Fan Academy​

Choosing the right preschool, daycare, or childcare center is a significant decision for any parent. While visiting in person is ideal, we understand the difficulties of managing a busy schedule with little ones in tow.


That’s where our virtual tour comes in handy. Take a peek inside our facilities and and witness firsthand how we go above and beyond typical daycare services.


From engaging learning environments to nurturing spaces, our virtual tour allows you to explore the many offerings of our childcare center without the need for an additional trip. So, come on in and discover all that we have to offer for your child’s growth and development!

Making Your Child's journey a better one

At Yang Fan Academy, we recognize the importance of consistency and time in supporting children’s growth and development. The longer your child remains enrolled in our programs, the more opportunities they have to thrive and succeed. Through regular assessments and monitoring of their educational journey, we ensure that each child receives personalized attention and support tailored to their evolving needs. Our commitment to continuous improvement and progress tracking enables us to celebrate every milestone and facilitate a fulfilling educational experience for every student.