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Yang Fan Summer Camp Dublin : Top Summer Camps & Activities

Discover a world of endless possibilities and enriching experiences awaiting your child at Yang Fan Academy’s Summer Camp in Dublin. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Dublin’s charming landscape, our camp offers an immersive journey filled with exciting adventures and engaging activities. From thrilling outdoor excursions to captivating indoor workshops, every moment is crafted to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and forge lifelong friendships.


Join us as we embark on this unforgettable summer adventure, where laughter, learning, and exploration converge to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Highlights Of Our Summer Camp Program

Only The Best: Summer Camps Awaits!

Yang Fan Summer Camp is ideal for kids in their break – not only does our summer camp offer exceptional value, but also provides first-rate break education at a budget-friendly cost! We put forth great effort to make sure that students receive the best possible tuition price and quality

Balance Of Fun Academics & More

At Yang Fan, kids can embrace both academic learning sessions and exciting camps activities simultaneously. For 18 years, we have created memorable experience where kids can engage in meaningful and exhilarating activities.

Wide Number Of Activities

Yang Fan Specialty Camps are the perfect opportunities for kids to explore interests and cultivate talents, offering a wide variety of camp activities like arts, science, math, culture, gardening, sports like soccer, coding, cooking, and public speaking classes, etc.

Parents Friendly

Our summer camps is designed with family vacation schedules in mind, ensuring that these times together are truly memorable. Our flexible camp enrollment options allow families to pick the start and end dates that best fit into their vacation plans. We offer choices between morning, afternoon or full-day camp for maximum flexibility.

Our Summer Camp in Dublin.
Youth Activities

We are excited to announce the Yang Fan Academy Summer Program! This summer, we warmly invite children of all ages and their parents to embark on a journey filled with educational exploration, exciting adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Our summer camp program is thoughtfully crafted to meet the varied interests of our young campers participants. Throughout the camp activity, we will delve into a range of themes designed to spark both curiosity and creativity. Your little ones will have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of activities including hands-on science experiments, creative art projects, dynamic sports activities, and adventurous outdoor explorations. There’s a fun and enriching weekly experience awaiting every child.

At Yang Fan Academy, we deeply value our role within the home community. Our program in Dublin will integrate a host of community-focused activities, such as field trips to local city landmarks, interactive sessions with guest speakers from our dynamic Dublin community, and group projects that promote teamwork and instill a sense of social responsibility.

Dublin Summer Camp Activities


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ps p
Everything about this school is awesome! The teachers are amazing. My kids are going there for a few years now and we are happy with the school. Along with the academic curriculum, they also offer Spanish, Hindi, Clay art, and Chess classes. Jody and Dominic are kind, responsible, and prompt in responding to any queries. I highly recommend both their preschool and after-school programs.
Pooja Vinayak
Pooja Vinayak
Wonderful experience with Yang Fan team. They are academic and fun at the same time. Special call out to Dominic ! He is very responsive ,responsible and approachable. Thank you yang Fan!
Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
Best school in the east bay. Really like their curriculum . Very happy with the school and the staff. Highly recommend to everyone
T Song
T Song
My kids have been going to Yang Fan Afterschool for a number of years with positive experience. They offer a variety of classes including language, math, sports, arts, music, etc., with even more options during the summer. The staff / administrative team is very organized and accommodating to family needs. We are very glad to have found Yang Fan for our kids' after-school and summer programs.
Ying Zhu
Ying Zhu
My son was at home with grandparents since he was born. He couldn’t speak English at all and didn’t seem like playing with other kids. That worried us. We tried to find him a school where he can spend sometime with other kids. He started Young Preschool with Yang Fan right after he turned two. The teachers were very patient and spent a lot of time with him to understand his needs. Everything was going well and he started to play with other kids. Unfortunately, pandemic came and we had to keep him at home again. We were so happy that Yang Fan reopened. We signed up for the preschool program right away. We are so thankful for the teachers here. They are very responsible and develop my son based on his personality. My son learned a lot of skills at Yang Fan. He is more independent now and can do a lot of things himself. He enjoys the school activities and likes playing with other kids. I will recommend Yang Fan to other parents.
Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash
Both our twins are happy with Yang Fan. They like the spacious playground, teachers and facilities overall.
Qian Li
Qian Li
My son joined Yang Fan Afterschool & Preschool a few years ago. I highly recommand both. For afterschool, I noticed the followings: 1. They teach math with higher standard. My son learned a lot from their math program, and his math skill improves so much that math in his day school becomes much easier. 2. Yang fan after school is convienent for parents who work full time or work far away. They provide drivers to pick up kids from elementary school to Yang Fan, and allow parents to pick up kids before 6:30pm 3. Dominic is the key person in the after school. He answer phone every time I call, and resolves any problem or issues quickly and efficiently. Also he is very friendly. Regarding to Yang Fan Preschool, Mrs. Jody and her teachers love kids and care kids. Not only my son, I noticed a lot of kids love Mrs. Jody. The preschool had a lot of creative ideas for kids to play and learn.
Chethana Rao
Chethana Rao
Yang Fan pre-school has been a blessing for my little one. I feel it is one of the best pre-school and staff is way more experienced, wonderful and very caring specially Jody. I thoroughly like their curriculum and play based teaching, making it fun to learn. They even take care of the kids during lunch by making sure they eat well. I would highly recommend this pre-school as I am personally having a very good experience and my daughter loves to go to school.

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