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A Camp of Fun & Discovery

Yang Fan Summer Programs : Experience Highlights

Best Value

Yang Fan Summer Program is ideal for learners in their summer break – not only does our camp offer exceptional value, but also provides first-rate school break education at a budget-friendly cost! We put forth great effort to make sure that students receive the best possible tuition price and quality

Balance of Fun & Academics

Your summers doesn’t have to be a choice between studying and having fun! At Yang Fan, learners can embrace both academic sessions and camp activities simultaneously. For 18 years, we have created memorable summer experience where kids can engage in meaningful and exhilarating camp activities.

Wide Variety of Camp Activities for Your Child

Our specialty camps are  the perfect opportunities for youngsters to explore interests and cultivate talents, offering a wide variety of camp activities like art, math, culture, gardening, sports, coding, cooking, and public speaking classes, etc. 

Flexible Camp to Accommodate Families

Our camp is designed with family vacation schedules in mind. Our flexible camp enrollment options let families pick the start and end dates that best fit into their vacation plans. We offer choices between morning, afternoon or full-day camp for maximum flexibility.

Kids Camp Activities

FAQ's & Updates on Yang Fan Summer Camps

Q: What grades do you cater to?

A: We welcome all grades from transitional kindergarten to the 8th grade, with activities tailored to the interests and developmental stages of each age group.

Q: What kind of activities are included?

A: We offer a varied selection of activities including arts and crafts, sports, science, coding, and field trips, etc., ensuring a rich and engaging experience.

Q: Are meals provided during the camp?

A: Yes, we provide nutritious snacks and lunches. We work hard to abide your dietary restrictions and prevent allergies.  We also publish our weekly lunch menus so you can plan the lunches for your kids to bring accordingly.  

Q: What are the camp hours?

A: Our camp runs from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Extended care options are available upon request.

Q: How qualified are the staff?

A: Our staff are highly qualified and experienced educators and camp counselor who are passionate about child development and safety.

Q: Is there a first-aid provider?

A: Yes, we have staff  trained on first-aid onsite to ensure the safety and well-being of every camper.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Enrollment can be completed online on our website or in person at our office. Spots fill up quickly, so early enrollment is encouraged.

Q: Will my child need to bring anything?

A: Students should bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle, sunscreen, and any specific items listed in the welcome packet sent upon enrollment.

Where Every Day is an Adventure!

Embark on a Summer Journey at Yang Fan Academy!

Welcome to a yang fan where summer shines brighter! At Yang Fan Academy, it’s an exhilarating experience for learners of every ages. From toddlers to teens youth development, our camps is a place designed to cater to every child, creating a home away from home where enjoyment and education go hand in hand.

Diverse Programs for Every Interest

Our wide range of programs ensures that every week at our camp is unique. Whether your child is a budding scientist eager to explore the mysteries of the universe or a creative soul ready to tell their own story, we have something for everyone. Our campers get educated  by doing, whether it’s an experiment, a volunteer project, or an art show.


Dedicated Staff and Safe Environment

Our highly trained staffs are committed to providing high standard, safe, supportive, and inclusive space for everyone. They are more than just personnel; they are mentors and cheerleaders, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.


Enjoyment and Youth Development Combined

At Yang Fan Academy, we believe in the holistic development of a child. Our summer camps offers a plethora of experiences, focusing on the young ones growth through enjoyment, interactive activities. Here, the little ones can find a sense of belonging and gain life skills that go beyond the summer.


A Place for Everyone

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, and our camps are designed to be a welcoming location for everyone. We celebrate diversity and encourage campers from different backgrounds to join our summer family.


Discovery through Experience

Everyday at Yang Fan Academy is an opportunity for children to discover something new. From hands-on projects to outdoor adventures, our activities are tailored to spark curiosity and encourage to educate.


Join Us for an Unforgettable Summer

So, are you ready to give your child an unforgettable summer experience? Come join us at Yang Fan Academy! Look for a perfect program for your child and let them embark on a summer filled with excitement, new discoveries, and unforgettable adventures.

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