Yang Fan Summer Camp Serving Pleasanton, Dublin, & San Ramon

Best Value

Yang Fan Summer Camp is the ideal for kids to bask in their summer break – not only does it offer exceptional value, but also provides first-rate education at a budget-friendly cost! We put forth forth great effort to make sure that students receive the best possible tuition price and quality. It’s one of those rare gems where you get both affordability as well as priceless intrinsic worth.

Balance of Fun & Academics

Summer camp doesn’t have to be a choice between learning and having fun! At Yang Fan, children can embrace both academic and fun activities simultaneously. For 17 years, we have created memorable summer experiences where children can engage in meaningful and exhilarating activities while reserving a part of the day to brush up on their academic skills.

Wide Variety of Activites

Yang Fan Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to explore passions and cultivate talents. With a wide variety of activities like art classes, science exploration, math, language lessons, sports, coding classes, culinary arts, public speaking classes, and much more, students can acquire new knowledge while building relationships with their peers. Our camp provides an unparalleled opportunity for children to develop skills in many areas.

Flexible to Accommodate Families

Our camp is designed with family summer needs in mind. Our flexible schedule allows families to pick the start and end dates that best fit into their vacation plans. Additionally, we offer choices between morning, afternoon and full-day programs for maximum flexibility, allowing you to create a program tailored specifically towards your own unique needs

Our Activites