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Program Overview

class At Yang Fan Preschool learning is active, not passive. Children don’t just study science, they do it. They don’t just hear or read great writing, they write. They don’t just listen to teachers, they ask questions. Each learning experience leads to the next. It is our goal to teach cognitive, creative and social skills though large and small groups and use various project work to address a number of academic areas in an integrated manner. Our priority throughout the curriculum is to develop the habits of inquiry and reflection. Our emphasis is knowing each child, meeting him or her where s/he is, and guiding the children from that point to fulfill their fullest potential.

We offer a safe and nurturing community; a child centered environment which fosters an enthusiasm for learning; an inquiry based curriculum with thematic hands-on projects; art, music, Chinese language instruction, and enrichment programs in soccer, robotics, tumbling, and more.

Snack is at 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM. Lunch is at 12:00 PM. Both hot lunch and AM & PM snacks are provided by the school and included in the monthly tuition. Healthy snacks and hot lunch are made and provided by the school at no additional charge. Click here for a sample menu.

Programs by age group:

  • Young Preschool - Children must be two years of age to enroll in this program. Potty training available.
  • Preschool - Children must be at least 2.9 years of age to enroll in this program and fully potty trained.
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Children age 4 and up and fully potty trained.


    Yang Fan Preschool | 4160 Hacienda, #200 | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | Phone: 925-847-3023 | Email: yfpreschool@yahoo.com